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The Secret Lake- Karen Inglis

When Stella and Tom move to their new home, they become curious about the disappearance of their neighbour's dog, Harry.

Tom's explorations in the nearby gardens- looking for treasure- unearth a mysterious boat, which has been buried for decades. Then they make an incredible discovery. One which will change their lives forever!

I enjoyed this shorter time travelling adventure. Although some aspects of the story had not been thought through properly, the ending was really satisfying. The two main characters are clever and determined and like-able.

If you enjoyed The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, you will enjoy this adventure.

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Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie

I was immediately attracted to this book by the beautiful cover of a mysterious door which opens onto the unknown. I was not disappointed by the story inside. Ross McKenzie has created a world which you want to immerse yourself in and never leave. 


The Nowhere emporium arrives overnight- the black walls glitter and the finely wrought, gilded gates are closed. Crowds gather and gaze through, trying to see what is inside, until the doors open and they are able to enter and experience the wonders within.

When the Emporium arrives in Glasgow, orphan Daniel stumbles upon the shop by accident. Before long Daniel is drawn into the magic and enchantment of the shop. 


The Nowhere Emporium is an edge of your seat adventure story with a mystery at its heart. Who is owner of the shop, Mr Silver, and how does he create the wonders within? 

This is a great read for good readers in key stage two and highly recommended for year 5 and 6 children. If you like Harry Potter, you will love this story.

Welcome to Shaw Primary Academy's book blog. Here I will be sharing some of the children's books I have been reading.

Over the holidays, I read two children's books which both have a fantastical theme and setting.