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Here are the entries for the new SAM certificate competition. Look out for the winner next time you achieve SAM!

These are the entries for our last art competition 'Spring'


Can you see your artwork?

Awuraba Brion- 4S

Awuraba Brion- 4S 1

Olsi Baraku- 4S

Olsi Baraku- 4S 1

Asantewaa Opuku- 3I

Asantewaa Opuku- 3I 1

Megan Brace- 3I

Megan Brace- 3I 1

Tommy Harriss- 3C

Tommy Harriss- 3C 1

Antonia Orebela- 4R

Antonia Orebela- 4R 1

Louisa Oluwole- 4R

Louisa Oluwole- 4R 1

Harmyani Allison- 5H

Harmyani Allison- 5H 1

Richard Mbaji- 5H

Richard Mbaji- 5H 1

Simon Butler- 6B

Simon Butler- 6B 1
Picture 1

Daniel With- 6M

Daniel With- 6M 1

Nikola Fabisz- 6M

Nikola Fabisz- 6M 1

Riley Allison- 3C

Riley Allison- 3C 1

Selene Kessie- 3C

Selene Kessie- 3C 1