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Welcome to Class 4WD! 

Our PE days are as follows;


Monday - Indoor PE (Gymnastics)


Friday - Outdoor PE (West Ham Coaches)

Our topic for the Summer Term is...


'The Romans' 

We have been measuring and weighing in maths using mm/cm, g/kg

Pond Dipping for Science

Well done Kayla for being our KS2 Sports Person of the week 31.01.22

Our topic for the Spring Term is....


Our Living Planet 


With a focus on: Our Local Area 

Science Week! Origami Virus and Antibodies

Science Week! Creating Gentoo Penguin Nests

Computing - Making a interactive toy.

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Neha and Ben made an octopus toy that when you press it's belly it says the ABC


Our Kenning Poems

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See if you can guess what animal our poem is about...


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Guess what animal our poem is about...

National Storytelling week 2022 (31.01.22) - we have been inspired by Twisted Fairytales and Revolting Rhymes to retell traditional tales with a twist!!

Practical Maths! We've been experimenting with materials to show our understanding of the properties of 3D shapes.

Our Class Poem! We went for an outdoor walk around our school, thinking about what Shaw Primary School means to us. We then wrote a class poem about our school playground, we hope you enjoy it! 


Outside at Shaw Primary School


Outside at Shaw Primary, 

You're sure to find, 

Bikes and benches, 

Snails and slugs, 

Sticks and leaves, 

Birds and bugs. 


Bikes to ride, 

or to school you could walk, 

Benches for sitting, 

with your friends you could talk. 


The immense trees stretch, 

Giant protectors offering shade from the sun, 

Allowing us safe play, 

and to have lots of fun! 


Beautiful flowers on the field so serene, 

Floating on the grass, a swaying sea of green. 

Serene, that is, until children appear, 

Their destination playtime is here! 


Children playing and tearing about, 

filling the air with their joyful shouts. 


Outside at Shaw Primary, 

You're sure to find, 

Friends in abundance, 

Happy, aiming high and kind. 


By 4WD 

South Ockendon on display! Miss O'Shea copied an Ordinance Survey Map of South Ockendon onto our display wall! How amazing is that!

Our walk around our local area

Our Autumn Term Topic ...


Ancient Egypt


For science this term we will be learning about...

Joseph's Coat

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Enjoy 'Joseph's Coat' from our winter production!