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Cooking workshops

We made teryaki chicken noodles today. We thought it was delicious. We all want to cook the recipe at home!

We made Viking Longship models

Comic Relief Day Fun!

If your child has a Special Educational Need and/or Disability (SEND) or a particular area of concern, click on the link below where you will find additional information, support, advice and resources that can help you and your child at home.

Hello 5J,

Thankyou for sending me your amazing writing from last week's English. You have been really thinking about precise vocabulary choices and sentence structures to extend your ideas. 

Here is Stanley's writing which he has given permission for me to share.

Covering the sea was a huge blanket of mist. In the distance was the island of Berk. Behind the blanket of mist was and innocent village with huge fore breathing towers. As quick as a flash, the innocent sheep was snatched from the grass by a colossal mysterious beast. As the sheep was snatched, you could hear the precious wings beating.

Suddenly, there was a commotion as innocent villagers ran from the dragons. The village was overflowing with them!




And here is Aiden's writing!


Charlie's writing

It was dark, murky and eerily silent as the storm clouds clustered , covering the view of the ancient island. Far, far away, the giant-like watch tower was staring in the distance guarding the ancient village. With fear in their hearts, the savage waves came in like a rocket going to space, crashing into the old rocks.


On that dark, cold night the naive sheep were huddled closely together on the hillside. Close by, the lanterns flickered, lighting the night sky and the old, wooden huts. The sheep were grazing peacefully on the hillside, unaware of the fate of their village.

Alfie had been doing the science experiment set in citizenship. Have a look at his results!

Marie's science work