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Welcome to our gallery!  Have a look at what has been happening in our school.

Circus Skills Workshop for Year 6

KS1 had some visitors..

Year 3 and 4 meet author Sue Wickstead

Year 5 performed Carmen


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4C - dance workshop based on Kensuke's Kingdom

Autism Awareness Day


Thank you to everyone who wore green on our Autism Awareness day on Friday 5th April.  The children enjoyed assemblies from Debbie from PACT for Autism where they learned a lot more about Autism.  As always, everyone was incredibly supportive and generous and we managed to raise £354.18 for the PACT for Autism charity.  Thank you everyone!!

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Year 6 enjoyed PE with the West Ham coaches

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Naughty Advent Elves

Naughty Advent Elves 1
Naughty Advent Elves 2
Naughty Advent Elves 3
Naughty Advent Elves 4
Naughty Advent Elves 5
Naughty Advent Elves 6
Naughty Advent Elves 7
Naughty Advent Elves 8
Naughty Advent Elves 9
Naughty Advent Elves 10
Naughty Advent Elves 11

Shaw Primary Academy Library Bus!


The bus has been transformed from a working bus to a magnificent two storey library jam packed full of books, cushions, rugs and everything else a good library needs.  Every class will have a session on the library bus each week to read for pleasure and enjoy books as well as having opportunities to use the library to enhance lessons.  For example, using the library bus to research during a topic lesson.



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