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Road Safety

Thurrock Council’s Road Safety Team have worked in conjunction with Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) to help promote road safety in Thurrock. 

During these current times, where walking is being encouraged, the Safer Essex Roads Partnership have developed two on-line Road Safety interactive comics;

  • Road Rangers - suitable for EYFS and Key stage 1
  • Safer Steps - suitable for all of Key stage 2.


Road Rangers consists of a series of 5 stories and activities that parents can use to engage their children in the subject of road safety.


Safer Steps is suitable for all of key stage 2, as this is an ideal time to begin pedestrian training as children begin to travel more independently and they have also reached a developmental stage where they can begin to assess traffic and their surroundings. 


The stories cover different Road safety topics that are accessible through the website link below.


EYFS and KS1 Road Rangers Key points-

  • Holding hands
  • Wearing protective and bright clothing
  • Importance of car seats.
  • Advice for parents around teaching your children best practice for walking, scooting, car seats and also around parking on zigzag lines outside of schools.


KS2 Safer Steps Key Points-

Safer Steps follows Lilly, Dexter and Joel through a journey of discovery learning all about the green cross code, staying visible and different types of controlled crossings in a fun and interactive way.


The on-line resources can be found at

Road Rangers: https://theroadrangers.co.uk/

Safer Steps: https://safersteps.co.uk/


Username: essex

Password: saferroads4all  (The same username and password will access both.)