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Rock Detectives!!!

Last term we learned lots about different types of rock.

Here are some videos which will remind us of our learning.

Types of Rocks | BBC Bitesize

The Importance of Fossils | BBC Bitesize

How are fossils formed?

We are now learning about...


Here are some videos that might help us.

Push and Pull | Balanced and Unbalanced forces | BBC Bitesize |

Gravitational force | BBC Bitesize |

Friction force | BBC Bitesize

More on Friction...

Anytime two objects rub against each other, they cause frictionFriction works against the motion and acts in the opposite direction...


If there isn't much friction then objects can be moved across a surface easily.

If there is  A LOT  of friction then objects are much HARDER to move.


What might cause a lot of friction when moving an object?