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Science Week 2015


During the week of 13th-20th March, Shaw Primary Academy will be converted into a place of finding out, asking questions, hearing and seeing how the world works, and learning about working systematically to make our learning useful for us and those that we communicate with,

During the week, there will be special hands-on workshops, presented by visitors with specialist knowledge and experiences.


Afternoon sessions will be dedicated to Science-related activities, guiding young people to understand how Science is part of our everyday life, and also how they can use this week’s experiences to consider ideas for their future careers.


Please see link below to view more information about our event.



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Science and Engineering Week


This week has been Science and Engineering Week and the whole school has been taking part in workshops and experiments.


On Tuesday Yrs 1&2 took part in a workshop called Vile Variations. They had the opportunity to meet a bearded dragon, a tarantula, a snail as big as your fist and other ‘vile’ creatures – there was screaming and squirming but everyone had a wonderful time.


Also on Tuesday Key Stage 2 held a rotation afternoon – amongst the activities and experiments on offer were: balloon rockets, bone making and then testing their strength, moving pictures, lava lamps, erupting volcanos, blowing up a balloon without using your mouth, mixing food colouring with milk and then getting it to disappear and looking a the food chain – what a jam packed afternoon that was.


On Wednesday Years 3-5 worked with a visiting Geologist to explore rocks, minerals and fossils. The children were surprisingly knowledgable and enjoyed the ‘hands-on’ nature of the workshop. They looked at and held crystals and were taught about how they reflect light and learnt about how fossils are made and where they can be found. They also listened in awe as the geologist told them about the equipment he uses and how he has ventured into volcanos.

In Key Stage 1 on Thursday the children had a rotation afternoon – they watched in awe as they saw air resistance working on little paper helicopters, had fun making balloons sticky by using static from their hair, got excited watching beads ‘race’ in salt and were amazed by food colouring in milk disappearing.


Whilst Key Stage 1 were swapping classes, Year 4 and 5 children took part in a ‘Periscope’ workshop. They learnt where light comes from and how it can be channelled through mirrors to see at depth or around obstacles. To complete the workshop they children had a go at making a periscope themselves – it’s not quite as easy as it looks. Here’s an interesting fact – did you know that the moon does not give off any light – the light you see is just the sun’s reflection off the surface of the moon.


Talking of moons – it is hoped that today most of the school will be able to experience the partial solar eclipse – let’s hope the cloud stays away so we get the best experience.


Also today some children in the school will be taking part in a workshop called ‘Sewage Soup’ – sounds delicious !!!!!


We would also like to say a BIG SHAW THANK YOU to Mrs Reeve, Jack’s mum, who came into school today to share some of her scientific expertise.