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We are learning about Africa!!



So far we have completed a research task on Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Algeria and Kenya

We created presentations in computing so that we could share our learning.


We have also learned about the features of a river. Then we looked at the River Nile.

As a class we wrote the following poem about the animals you might see if you travelled down the Nile.


Down the Blue Nile

A poem by 3S


Suddenly I saw the waterfall, after I left the lake;

Then I travelled further and saw a Nile Snake.

On the river bank, I spotted a green tree frog;

Then I saw a terrifying croc! Oh wait, it’s just a log.

Then I saw a grey elephant, as colossal as a monster truck;

Then I saw an Egyptian Goose which looked just like a duck!



We are now looking at climate zones in Africa...

We also carried out research about Jane Goodall. She is a famous scientist who went to Tanzania to live with chimps in the Gombe National Park. She discovered that chimps use tools like humans!


You can find out more about Jane by going to the Jane Goodall Institute website or watching the following video...

Jane Goodall: Hero - Tribute to Dr. Goodall for her 80th birthday in 2014