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This term we have been learning about Victorians and the life of Queen Victoria.


Some Fun Facts we have learnt:


Jelly Babies were made in 1864

Queen Victoria married her cousin Albert

Queen Elizabeth is the great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria

Albert introduce Christmas Trees to England

Queen Victoria is the reason we wear white wedding dresses



Some important information:

  • PE takes place on Mondays (Indoor) and Fridays (Outdoor), please ensure your children have their PE kits at school on these days.
  • We have Bucket Drumming every Friday afternoon with an external instructor.



Three Times Table Song

We have been learning about the three times tables!

Video Lab: Magnetic forces

DT Sewing!

DT Sewing!  1
DT Sewing!  2
DT Sewing!  3
DT Sewing!  4
DT Sewing!  5
DT Sewing!  6
DT Sewing!  7
DT Sewing!  8
DT Sewing!  9
DT Sewing!  10
DT Sewing!  11
DT Sewing!  12
DT Sewing!  13