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In English we have been learning about twisted fairy tale and tried to add some action to our stories.

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In this module children develop their knowledge and understanding of changes to materials. They will recognise that some changes such as melting, evaporation and dissolving are reversible while other changes are non-reversible, including burning and production of rust or a gas as the result of a chemical reaction. Working scientifically, children observe and compare changes that take place over time in a variety of different contexts, such as when making toffee, rusting metals or burning a candle


Welcome back to school!


We are very excited for the year ahead, participating in lots of fun activities together.

We hope you’ve had a fantastic holidays and now you are ready to jump into learning with us J


Important information:

  • PE takes place on Wednesdays (Indoor) and Fridays (Outdoor), please ensure your child has the PE kit at school on these days.


This term we have been learning about the Victorians. We’ve investigated their lifestyle, explained why children had to work and how industrial revolution changed our lives.


We’ve been learning about the life of Queen Victoria’s family. Children have to plan and create a biography about her.


In science we’ve been focusing on forces, with a main focus on up thrust on objects in water and the air. Children had to understand how gravity affects unsupported objects as they fall to the Earth.


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