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Welcome to the Nursery class page!

We are delighted that you have come to visit our class page where we hope to give you an insight into the fantastic range of learning that takes place each day.


Our topic this half term is 'Marvellous me'.We will be discussing our families, homes and our likes and dislikes. In order for us to get to know the children a little better they have been given an ‘All about me’ activity sheet to complete with you on which they can draw pictures, cut or stick photographs of family and then bring back into school to show and use for our learning. Please hand completed sheets to a member of the nursery staff when finished.

'All about me' worksheet

'All about me' worksheet 1


Please ensure that your child's belongings are labelled with their name.


Snack is available through the session and is usually fruit or vegetables but on occasion we do have yoghurts, crackers or biscuits. milk and water are available to drink but if your child wishes to bring their own water bottle with water/fruit water in (no juice), this is fine. PLEASE LABEL YOUR CHILDS WATER BOTTLE WIT HTHEIR NAME for hygiene reasons and to prevent them getting lost.


Show and tell is an opportunity for the children to bring something of their choice into school to talk about. Whether it be a map of  a place they have visited, a postcard, a drawing or photograph or their favourite toy, all items need to be LABELLED WITH YOUR CHILDS NAME to ensure a safe return at the end of the day.

The aim of 'show and tell' is to develop and strengthen the children's communication and language ability and also their self confidence and relationships with others. It takes place at the end of the session in small groups on a TUESDAY.



Activity packs

Activity packs are packs with various activities in that aim to strengthen and develop skills that the children will be learning whilst in Nursery.

Activity packs are sent out in school book bags on a THURSDAY and can be taken home to engage in with your child and returned on WEDNESDAY. they are sent home in school book bags, which can be ordered from the school office.



Nursery PE lessons consist of circle games and songs and also action songs or games e.g. parachute games.

the children are not required to change for PE but they do remove their shoes and socks.

To enable the children to develop their independence with dressing themselves, we recommend sending them in to school with Velcro or slip on shoes everyday or at least on our PE days.


Our Nursery PE days are as follows;

Morning Nursery: Friday AM

Afternoon Nursery: Thursday PM



We really enjoy having parents in class to join in with the activities and to also look at their child's learning journal.

We have a stay and play session planned for each half term, where parents come along, chat to staff, join in with activities with their child and look at their child's learning journal.

Dates for these sessions are to be arranged but will be posted on class webpages and set out in a letter.