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Welcome to 2A!
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Aspirations Week

Parents - What did you aspire to be when you were younger?

Add a short paragraph of what you wanted to be when you were younger and tell us if you were lucky enough to achieve it or whether you are still working on it.

Aspirations Week

Information about working at the Sports Center.
The police women had arrived.
The police ladies came to tell us about their job.
The police women came to see us...
The engineer came...
Maisie with the nurse.
The testers...
Red Vs Blue
Miss Arnott Vs.
Miss Newland
Chef Jamie taught us how to cook.
Fireman Talk
"That will be £100 please!"
Harry was making Miss Arnott sleepy! Zzzzz

Our new topic this summer term is 'World War One'. Let us know if you have any family stories you would like to come in and share with the children. 


Our new topic this term will be ‘Events and People from the 1900's.’ We will learn about the Titanic and read ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ during the first half of the term and we will be making our own boats and lighthouses out of boxes and plastic materials.


We would be grateful if you were able to help us with donations of the following recycling materials to assist us in our modeling: any bottles, boxes, cartons, plastic containers, tubes, straws, lollipop sticks, paper, and card will be very much appreciated.


If you are able to help, please send your contribution into school with your children as soon as possible. We will be making a model of the lighthouse keeper's lunch this week.



Making a model of the TITANIC!

Sami is very busy making his boat!
Ethan is very proud!
We used recycled items to make a boat.
Ahhh! The mess!
Ellis made a brilliant boat!
We painted our boats..
Tyler gathered everything he needed...
Alfie looks very proud of his boat.
Busy making...
The classroom was a mess!
"I wonder if it will float or sink?"
Emmanuel loved making his boat!

Gruffalo Park Trip

Balancing like mice!
We made a log pile house for the animals to sleep.
Our teams made a log-pile house!
Team Work!
Miss Beard was determined to win!
Nathan was busy thinking!
"We made a house for the mouse!"
We found the snake!
The rangers sprinkled us with leaves.
We played a game.
The best class in the world!
The Gruffalo found us!
Prickles! Ahhh!
We made Gruffalo Crumble!
"Look at my Gruffalo Crumble!"
Good enough to eat Tyler!
We had a lovely picnic lunch.
We coloured in our pictures.
Class 2A
A mouse took a stroll through the deep, dark wood.
We played a game in the woods!
Class 2A!
Harry climbing the trees...
Tommy and Maddison at the top of the tree...
Harry loved climbing the trees...
Natalie was hiding in her den.
We found the owl...
We couldn
The Gruffalo
The ranger told us a story...
Class 2A made real Gruffalo Crumble!

Our Art Gallery

Still image for this video
Feedback from our Art Gallery

Our Art Gallery

Still image for this video
Feedback from the students about our Art Gallery!

Our Art Gallery

Still image for this video
Feedback from the students that visited our End of Term Art Gallery

Our Art Gallery

Still image for this video
Feedback from our End of Term Art Gallery

Our Art Gallery - To end the spring term we held an Art Gallery viewing to present all of our beautiful work. The other classes and teachers came to see our work.

Mrs Copping was looking at the art pictures.
Rachel loved presenting her hard work!
Year 6 came to ask us questions about our topic.
Very important discussions!
The beautiful work all laid out.
A 3D design of our classroom!
Harry showed us the booklet with our addresses on.
A very busy art galley!
Our designs!
Our address booklets.
Our Art Gallery
What do you like about this picture?
"This is amazing"
"How did you do this?"
Our pattern stamping.
Our Art Gallery...

Look how much our Chicks have grown!

Nathan has written his thoughts and ideas for the future

We have had such a lovely surprise today! When introducing the new literacy topic of 'The Gruffalo' we started by introducing the author, Julia Donaldson, we looked at her webpage and found some information about her life. Later that day, Callum wrote a letter to Julia Donaldson asking her to visit the school. I gave Callum her address from her website and mummy posted it later that day. To our surprise.... Julia Donaldson replied to Callum! Unfortunately she said that she couldn't make it to the school as she lives in scotland BUT sent lots of stickers and posters for Callum! We are so pleased for you Callum! no

Callum received a letter today from the author Julia Donaldson (who wrote the story of the Gruffalo) Wow Callum!

Science Day Exloding Experiment! 19th March 2014

Still image for this video
2A visited Mrs Wilson's class for some exploding, fun experiments.

Science Day!

Floating and sinking in 2HM
Exploding in 1W
Spaghetti and marshmellow towers in 2A
Floating and sinking in 2HM

I would like to say a big thank you again to all the parents that came to the assembly and joined us afterwards to get sticky again. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! If you couldn't make it to the assembly and would like to see the video, please come and see me. Unfortunately, the file is too large to upload. 






When I was tidying the classroom I came across...

2A's Class Assembly

Sami is busy creating his monster
Ethan and his mummy.
Natalie made her monster wear a dress!
This is great Maisie!
We all struggled to fit in the cabin.
Tommy really enjoyed working with his mummy!
Messy hands again.

World Book Day in Class 2A - 7th March 2014

Class 2A
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
Aye Aye Pirate!
Class 2A cleverly disguised as book characters!
Willow the Wednesday Fairy!
The Princesses
The G... G... Gruffalo!
"To the bat cave class 2A!"
Class 2A
The Princesses
Bart and a Moshi Monster!
Class 2A
The Princesses
Learning while in costume?
Why can't we dress up every day?

Creative Afternoon - Wednesday 5th March

I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who came to creative afternoon! It was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it! 

Welcome back to the second part of the Spring Term. We are busy learning about materials and investigations in Science, typing up our stories in ICT, designing and making in Art, learning about where we live on the map in Geography, reading comprehension practice in Literacy and bar graphs and collecting data in Numeracy. Later on in the term we will be reading, learning and writing our own story of the GG..GGG.GGG....GRUFFALO!!!



Visitors to Year 2


On Thursday 27th February Year 2 had some visitors to their class.  Year 2 are currently reading the story of 'Melisa's School Holiday' and the characters in the story visited the children so that they could ask them some questions. How exciting!

E-Safety Week

Still image for this video
NEWS FLASH! Class 2A report on the E-safety learning that has been happening all week!

Welcome back! We have had an excellent start to the Spring Term. Our new topic is: Our school and the local environment so we will be visiting different areas of the school, learning our address and talking about how we get to school. We will also be planting flowers, looking for mini beasts and many more fun things to learn about. In literacy, we are learning about pattern and rhyme and have already started to collect and learn some poems for a class poem book. In numeracy, we are learning about multiplication. 


Looks set to be an amazing term! How exciting! cheeky

Introduction into Pattern and Rhyme

Still image for this video
We have been learning some nursery rhymes through actions.

Show and Tell - Wednesday Afternoon

Siana shared her fairy book she is reading at home
Rachel shared a occupations book.
Rachel shared a shell.
Nathan shared his Grandma's dog statue.
Sharing things important to us!
Nabeel shared his prayer book.
Sami shared his baby grow.

The day the chicks visited class 2A

Just checking us out...
Keeping warm in class 2A

Creative Afternoon - Wednesday 27th November 2013

Look at what we are making!
Very busy with the help of Emma's mummy
Nathan's mummy came in to help too.
Very busy at creating at special mask
smiley Thank you to all the parents that came to see our class assembly on Friday 22nd November. Photos to follow. 2A worked very hard and I am really proud of them! smiley
Siana in 2A has written her own book - we are incredibly proud of you.  This is amazing!

Last week was World Religion Week - we had so much fun!

Class 2A are burying our time capsule!
Maise and Alfie are burying the time capsule.
Do not open until 2017!
Snail experiment-will they travel over the stones?
Snail Experiment
The snail race.
Maisie helping Miss Arnott with the display
Lining up like role models.