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Welcome to the Nursery Class page where you can find out what we have been learning and also key information about the Nursery

Getting Ready for School

Here are a few ideas to help support your child to be ready for 'Starting School'

Self care

  • I can use the toilet independently
  • I can wash and dry my own hands
  • I can wipe/blow my own nose
  • I can ask for help if I feel unwell

Being Independent

  • I can put my own coat on and off
  • I can put my own shoes on and off
  • I can change out of my clothes and put different ones on
  • I can pour my own drink
  • I can open my packed lunch box and eat independently
  • I can use a knife and fork
  • I can sit at a table when I eat

Social and Emotional

  • I am confident being away from my Mummy, Daddy or main carer
  • I am able to express my emotions, thoughts and needs
  • I am willing to try
  • I try to be a good friend
  • I have persistence
  • I can problem solve

Gross and Fine motor skills

  • I have gained good muscle control in my hands 
  • I am able to turn take and share
  • I can interact/play games with others
  • I can hold a pencil comfortably
  • I have good balance
  • I am confident when climbing, jumping and running
  • I am learning to manage my own risks

Communication and Language

  • I can follow boundaries and routines
  • I am able to sit still for a short while and listen
  • I can follow instructions
  • I am understood when I talk
  • I am able to talk about myself, my thoughts and feelings


  • I am exploring and interested in books, picture stories and music
  • I am practising to recognise my own name when it is written down
  • I am beginning to enjoy rhyme and rhyming activities
  • I can give meaning to marks when I draw or paint


  • I am aware of numbers and counting
  • I join in with number words, songs and play
  • I experiment with emptying and filling containers
  • I can recognise some written numbers
  • I look at numbers in my community


  • I have practiced getting my uniform on and being ready to leave on time
  • I have a good bedtime routine, so I am not tired for school
  • I am learning to eat at the same time as I would at school
  • I am making sure I have breakfast before I leave for school


Message to Nursery Class.

"Mason C sends lots of love and hugs, he misses you all and his little friends very much."

Thank you for the lovely message Mason. 

Hello Parents/Carers and Nursery children

I hope you are all well and having fun at home. What have you all been up to ? Please email any photos, home learning activities and anything else that you would like to share. We can then upload them onto the Class page. 


Useful websites for Home Learning 

Helicopter Stories - Helicopter Stories is a great way of developing your child's story telling and imagination. Helicopter at Home can be a great opportunity for families to act out stories together.  



Phonics - Read Write Inc. We have been starting to learn our Set 1 sounds - m,a,s,d,t. Have a look at the link for more information.



Reading - Free ebooks and other free resources.



Maths - You can enjoy a variety of Maths games with your child.



I look forward to seeing your work. 

Mrs Conlan



Your teachers saying hello

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Dear parents/carers and children

I really hope that you are having fun together at home while the school is closed. Mrs Conlan and I will be talking to you and share any news or interesting events with you here.  

Mrs Vorster


Well done to Kiyomi and thank you for all the lovely pictures. Kiyomi has especially enjoyed checking the weather daily and putting up the date and day of the week.

Thank you for sending me some photos of your fabulous learning Jack Cannon. It is wonderful to see how busy you have been. Your Easter cakes look delicious and I love the cards!


'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister. We have chosen 'wow' words from the story to use and taught the children in Nursery and Reception to develop their vocabulary. All words are displayed in classrooms and also in the central area between the EYFS classrooms. Here they are for you to be aware of and to use at home too: sparkly,shimmer,proud, delighted, whizzed

Our 'Marvellous me' topic. We began by talking about ourselves, what we like and dislike, what we can do and then we talked about being babies and how we have grown up. We made a display of all of our baby photos, including staff and we had to guess whot he baby was! We learnt that not all families are the same and also that we all live in different homes. We had ago at making a straw house, a stick house and a brick house just like the Three Little Pigs from the traditional tale.We learnt about our bodies, and showed what we could do with our bodies moving to body songs. We learnt about our 5 senses through some fun activities including the 'whats missing' game where we had to use our eyes to see, the smelly pot guessing game where we had to guess the smells and we also enjoyed making sounds with the instruments. Here are some picture of what we have been up to.

Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (2019) | Noodle & Pals | Super Simple Songs

Get up and stretch your arms and legs with Noodles & Pals and this perfect music & movement song for circle time, "Head Shoulders Knees And Toes"! 🎶 Head, shoulders, knees, and toes, knees and toes.

The hokey pokey shake

I've Got a Body

We have been learning about lots of shapes in Nursery, here are some of the activities we have done...

Rememberance day in Nursery 2019

Eyfs Christmas Production 'The Nativity'

Bread Tasting and reading the story 'The little red Hen'