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The Governing Body is a group of volunteers from the school and local community who are elected to make decisions about how the school is run and how the school’s budget is allocated.  Each Governor serves for a period of four years after which they can choose stand for re-election.  


Parent Governors are a valuable part of the school’s Governing Body.  They are able to voice parental concerns and ensure that communication between the school and parents is informative and easy to understand.   At times when there is a vacancy for a Parent Governor the school will write to all parents asking for nominations. 


If you are interested in finding out more, or if you would like to raise an issue to the Governing Body, please write to Mrs C Williams, the Chair of Governors, via the school office.





Are you interested in becoming a Governor at Shaw Primary Academy - please see more information on the document below or speak to Miss Arnott

Meet our Governors



Christine Williams - Chair and responsible for Learning and Teaching

Jamie-Lee Flint -  Responsible for finance

Stephen Sweeting - Responsible for Health and Safety


Dawn Copping - Headteacher and Accounting Officer

Modupe Awolola - Responsible for SEND

Chloe Tomlinson - Teacher 

Jeff Seddon - Parent   

Jamie Lee Flint - Parent

Danny Bluemore - Parent

Tanya Proctor - Non-Teaching



Amber Fitch


Modupe Awolola

I am a governor at Shaw. I consider this role to be a privilege and an excellent opportunity to contribute to the decisions that shape our school and impact positively on pupils and staff. Furthermore, I am able to bring an understanding of the school’s ethos, culture and in-depth professional knowledge of our strengths and areas for development. 

As a key stakeholder, this role enables me to foster a relationship between teachers and governors whilst developing the process of evaluation, improvement and strategic development of the school.

Christine Williams - Chair

I believe that Shaw Primary Academy is an excellent primary school providing high quality learning opportunities for its pupils. My role on the governing board along with the other governors is to ensure that the leadership team have all the tools they need to implement quality education for every pupil within its care. I work in a local special needs school and have a keen interest in the welfare of children in all aspects of learning and development.