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Welcome to the Summer Term 1SD



This term our topic is 'Our Local Community'


In year 1 we are teaching the children to be independent learners by following an enquiry base learning approach, we begin with a topic and discuss what the children already know. The children then come up with questions to find out what they would like to learn about that topic. They are then grouped based on the subject they are most interested in:


This  term our topic is 'Our Local Community'.


We are learning and researching about our local community, including such places as our school, our homes,

our shops and more. The children will have opportunities to further explore what they already know about their local community and expand on this knowledge.



Each week the children will be taught to research and investigate answers

to their own questions. We will also be going on some short, local walks to find out more about the community.

Just a couple of reminders:

*P.E. is on Monday and Thursday afternoons, so please make sure you

have your kit with you, don't forget something warm for outdoor P.E.


*Remember your book bags everyday, so we can make sure that you

are reading with an adult in school as well as at home. 

Let's see how many "leaves" we can collect!

Here is some of our outdoor learning:

In computing we have been learning about algorithms and Mrs Day became a sandwich making robot.

In maths we have been learning addition, subtraction shapes and number bonds.