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Welcome to 2D's class page!

Become a detective!


Can you speak to your  relatives, friends, and members of the local community about these stories? If you find any information out, write it down and bring it into class to share with us!


You could bring a story, pictures or  simply bring the idea!

(This will give you a head start for our workshop Friday!)  

Your stories do not need to be historically accurate, but could be stories handed down from generation to generation!

Amazing! Have fun investigating! 

2D class trip



Hello and welcome to 2D's class page. Have a scroll down and have a look at all the amazing learning we have been doing! 

 Remember to always try your best and shine like the star I know you are!


This term our topic all about the history of technology. We are going to be looking at the first phones that was invented, old computers, type writers, videos and lots more! Ask your mummy, daddy, nanny and grandad, if they can tell you some stories about their first mobile phone, TV's and computers. Do they remember VCR's and record players?


Don't forget to keep reading lots at home. The more you read the more you will learn, and the more reading leaves we will receive! 




I have attached a link for some of the games that we have been using in class to help us learn.  Have a go at home! http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/


We are learning all about punctuation too. See if you can show your mummy or daddy our Kung Fu moves! 

Art: We have been learning how to draw portraits. Can you spot yours?

On Wednesday 16th March, we went on a trip to Thames Chase. We went to find Stickman! We had a brilliant time searching for Stickman and his family. Have a look at some of the photos that we took. 

Stickman Trip

Stickman Trip 1
Stickman Trip 2
Stickman Trip 3
Stickman Trip 4
Stickman Trip 5
Stickman Trip 6
Stickman Trip 7
Stickman Trip 8
Stickman Trip 9
Stickman Trip 10
Stickman Trip 11
Stickman Trip 12
Additionally, we have been celebrating Science Week. We have  been looking at animal habitats and we have planned, designed and created our own animal homes! Alongside this, we took part in an animal workshop and saw some real, living animals. Including a SNAKE!! 

Animal homes

Animal homes 1
Animal homes 2
Animal homes 3
Animal homes 4
Animal homes 5
Animal homes 6
Animal homes 7
Animal homes 8
Animal homes 9
Animal homes 10
Animal homes 11
Animal homes 12
Animal homes 13
Animal homes 14
Animal homes 15
Animal homes 16
Animal homes 17
Animal homes 18
Animal homes 19

Animal Workshop

Animal Workshop 1
Animal Workshop 2
Animal Workshop 3
Animal Workshop 4
Animal Workshop 5
Animal Workshop 6
Animal Workshop 7
Animal Workshop 8
Animal Workshop 9
Animal Workshop 10
Animal Workshop 11
Animal Workshop 12
Animal Workshop 13
Animal Workshop 14
Animal Workshop 15
Animal Workshop 16
Animal Workshop 17
Animal Workshop 18
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5



Outdoor PE is on a Tuesday afternoon and indoor PE is on a Thursday. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school on these days.


Try and encourage your child to read as much as they can. Please write it in their yellow reading diary.  The children who read lots at home, are entered into a prize draw at the end of the year and can win prizes!


Open door: Don't forget, if you need to see me, my door is always open. 


Thank you for your cooperation.

Miss Drake