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Welcome to Class 3C! We hope you have a wonderful year. We have many fun activities planned. We look forward to learning and working with you this year! smiley Miss Cummings and Mrs Sullivan

Welcome to the Summer Term!


Our topic this term is 'Ancient Greece'.


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*We will be learning all about Greece and its interesting past.  


*We will be thinking about humans and animals and what they need to survive. 


*In Art and Design we will be looking at the styles of Greek pottery and sketching our own! 


There are many more learning opportunities this term, keep looking back to find out more...! 

Maths Week

More Maths Week!

Welcome to the Spring Term!


We are well underway to learning lots of new things! Our topic this term is 'Around the World in 50 days'. 


*We have already started learning about what countries form the UK as well as the 7 continents of the world. We have also been learning about longitude, latitude and the prime meridian. Together with the location of the equator, Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn in Geography.


*In Science we have been looking into how we are able to see things, thinking about light and its reflections. After half term we will be investigating shadows, looking at what they are, how they are caused and the shapes they make.


*We have started to become videographers in Computing. We have been thinking of questions to ask one another about our favourite sport and recording each other as an interview. We have been learning about what it takes to make a fabulous video,  remembering to vary the shots we use and holding the tablet still whilst recording! After half term we will be finding out how to edit our videos in order to improve them.


*In Art and Design we have learnt about the architect Sir Christopher Wren and have studied this famous man’s work. We have also studied famous buildings from around the World and have had a go at sketching these ourselves.


*We also enjoyed our trip to Wat Tyler Country Park where we participated in lots of adventurous activities. We had to work and cooperate together as a team to design a 'drop-proof' egg apparatus, along with a few team challenge activities. We also had to use a compass to find directions and bearings, whilst finding answers to questions!

*This term is also very exciting as we have National Storytelling Week, Book Week, World Book Day and the book fair!  Click on the different authors below to find out some more about their books.


David Walliams

Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

Julia Donaldson

Roald Dahl


In Science Week we learnt about animals

We made animal habitats

Brazilian Carnival Dancing

PE - Making up our own games

PE - Gym Symmetry

We learnt about Poetry

Welcome to the Autumn Term!


*Our topic this term is 'The Stone Age' and we have some very exciting workshops and dressing up days coming your way, so get your cave man outfits ready! 


*Our first week together will be all about 'getting to know you'. I am going to be finding out about your favourite things to do, what makes you laugh, the things you don't like so much and how you learn best. 


*On Thursday 10th September, we will be going on a school trip to see a 'Dance Demonstration'.  A letter will be going out to all the parents/carers on Monday with all the information needed, but the letter must be returned by Wednesday at the latest. The trip will be from 12:30 - 2:30pm and we will be asking for parent volunteers to come with us and help us out on the day. 

Creating our own cave paintings

Just a couple of friendly reminders: 


*Please remember to bring your book bags to school everyday. This way, we can ensure that you are reading both at home and at school. Remember the more we read the more 'leaves' we earn!!


*Please remember to bring your P.E. kits to school. We have outdoor P.E. on Wednesday afternoons and indoor P.E. on Thursday afternoons. Don't forget to bring something warm to wear for outdoor P.E.