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Greek Day

Welcome Back!


I hope that you all had a lovely Easter holiday! I am really excited for the fabulous learning that we are going to be doing in Year 2 in this Summer Term!!


As you have probably noticed by now we have moved into our new classroom over in the Infants building with the rest of Key Stage One (which has left some classes very jealous) and work has begun on the Key Stage One playground. 

2T's new room!


This term is going to be a very busy one for us in Year 2. Here are a few things that we will be doing:


- We will be learning about how technology has changed across the years in this first half term. We will compare the types of games consoles I had to what the children have access to. We will look at cameras, computers etc. If anyone has any old pieces of technology, even something as simple as a floppy disk, and you are willing to let the children use it in their topic lessons, please see Miss T.


-In Science we will be learning about materials and their different properties. We will get to test materials and match them with their uses.


- In PE we will be doing athletics and dance.


- In I.C.T. we will be learning about communicating via technology (emails).








Please can I remind all parents that every child should have a PE kit in school. We do PE on Mondays and Wednesdays. Kit should be suitable for inside and outside.


Also children are able to change their reading books when they have finished the book that they currently have. We have a box in the classroom where they can put completed books. We ask that parents sign their child's reading record so we know they have definitely  read with you.


Every week we send home maths and literacy homework. We also now send a small blue spelling book with up to ten words for them to learn and be tested on. Spellings are written on a Monday and checked on a Friday.




Miss T


DT: We have been designing and building our own vehicles

Science Week: Building Pyraminds

This Term:


In Year Two this term we will be learning about 'The UK' as our topic. We will be looking at the different parts of the UK and the features of the UK.


In our ICT lesson we will be learning about photography. We will be learning about different devices that we can use to take photos and improving our photo taking skills.


In Science we are going to be 'Apprentice Gardeners'. We are going to look at growing plants, from seeds and bulbs.

In DT we are looking at mechanisms. We had to make a car using Brio and K'Nex.

We are apprentice gardeners!!


In 2T we have been looking at growing plants. We split into 3 groups and each group chose the equipment that we would need to grow the seeds we were given. We were given pansy seeds.


They have been growing for three weeks now. We are trying hard to remember to check on them and water them.

Our seeds... Three weeks after planting!!

Just a reminder:


We do PE on Monday and Wednesday. 

Monday we go outside for PE. Please can you make sure that an appropriate PE kit is in school as we will go outside even when it is cold.




Please can you make sure that book bags come to school everyday. 

Children are able to change their books any day, all they need to do is ask.



Remember to use Bug Club

In Science we have been learning about taking care of ourselves. We sorted foods.