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Welcome to 3I's page. Take a look at some of our learning this term.


Here are some of the things we’ve been learning this summer term:

In topic we learnt about the Tudors.

We made Tudor money containers using sewing skills.

We visited the Hever castle.


We also learnt the Tudor dance.

In Literacy, we always learn a text to help us understand it more. Here are pictures of children interpreting a text using actions during Literacy:

Here are some of the things we learned  last term:


Our topic this term is the Victorians. We learnt about what life was like in Victorian era particularly for those children who had to work at such an early age. Class 3I thought it was dangerous and unfair for children to work at that age so they put up a protest in a courtroom to air their views. Below are some of the pictures :

In Maths we learned about 2D and 3D shapes. We used different materials to make our own shapes.

We are continuously having fun whilst learning in 3I:

We made some Victorian toys and had a go evaluating some of the Victorian hats:

In science we were learning about light and shadows.  Part of our learning was to carry out an investigation to find out the best material for making sun glasses. If you are a fan of sun glasses, have a look at some of our designs below for ideas:


Creative afternoon was awesome as we had the opportunity of working and sharing our learning with our parents and other family members. Thank you to all those who found time to come for the creative afternoon.

We love reading in 3I and story week was great as we listened to made up stories, read different story books and shared stories with our peers.

E-safety week- we learnt how to keep safe online.

We had a visitor from Freshwater Company who carried out geography workshop for KS2 children. Our focus was on natural disaster (volcanoes and earthquake). We  were able to use interactive activities such role play to explore places where volcanoes and earthquakes occur, why they occur and their impact on environment. Children enjoyed taking part during the activities.