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Welcome to our PE and Outdoor Learning page!

Here you can find out about all of the fantastic lessons and activities we have been doing this year in PE and outdoor learning. 

Sports Person of the Week

Each week a child from EYFS/Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 will win the Sports Person of the Week award for aiming high in their learning. Some of the different ways to win this award are: 

  • Outstanding sporting performance 
  • Improved effort 
  • Resilience
  • Team Work 
  • Excellent communication


This week's winners are: 
Picture 1 Isabelle (2C) for excellent Gymnastics
Picture 2 Daniel (4C) for supporting others in PE
Picture 3 Aaron (2C) for trying hard in Gymnastics
Picture 4 Rosie (4G) for fantastic Karate

Sports Person of the Term 

The children are also aiming for the Sports Person of the Term award. This will be awarded to the children who consistently impress their teachers and coaches across the whole term. They will win a trophy to take home and a larger trophy to display in their classroom. 


Picture 1 The winner's trophy to take home.
Picture 2 The winner's trophy to proudly display in school.


Here is some information about the fantastic learning that the children have been doing in PE across the school. 




Picture 1 Catching balloons in Nursery
Picture 2 Throwing balloons and having fun
Picture 3 Catching a balloon in the cone
Picture 4 Concentrating to catch the balloon
Picture 1 Throwing a large ball into a hoop.
Picture 2 Throwing a large ball from further away.
Picture 3 Bouncing and catching a larger ball.
Picture 4 Bouncing a ball using one hand.
Picture 1 Hitting a bean bag into a hoop.
Picture 2 Hitting a taget and keeping score.
Picture 3 Throwing quoits to hit a target.
Picture 4 Sharing the equipment and taking turns.
Picture 5 Concentrating to hit the target.
Picture 6 Trying to get the quoit onto the cone.
Picture 1 Creating fireworks using ribbons
Picture 2 Making fireworks zoom at different speeds
Picture 3 Stretching up high and in different directions
Picture 4 Making different shaped fireworks
Picture 1 Balancing in a hoop.
Picture 2 Balancing with a bean bag.
Picture 3 Balancing on one leg.
Picture 4 How long can I balance for?
Year 1
Picture 1 Different movements using ribbons.
Picture 2 Creating big and small shapes using ribbons.
Picture 1 Catching small balls.
Picture 2 Catching and throwing larger balls.
Year 2 
Picture 1 Developing ball skills with the West Ham Coaches.
Picture 2 Practicing catching, throwing and dribbling.
Picture 1 Learning jumps with the Gymnastics Coaches.
Picture 2 Learning how to land safely after jumping.
Year 3 
Picture 1 Dancing using fish-like movements.
Picture 2 Working as a group and listening to each other.
Picture 3 Dancing in unison.
Picture 4 Dancing on the floor.
Picture 5 Working as a pair.
Picture 6 Dancing using low movements.
Year 4 
Picture 1 Throwing a ball into a hoop.
Picture 2 Practicing dribbling.
Picture 3 Keeping the ball under control.
Picture 4 Dribbling using 2 hands.
Year 5 
Picture 1 Developing defending skills in a larger area.
Picture 2 Defending and passing in a smaller area.
Picture 1 5J football tournament winners
Picture 2 5MD football tournament winners
Year 6 
Picture 1 Developing team work.
Picture 2 Looking for space during a small sided game.
Picture 1 6T football competition winners!
Picture 2 6N football competition winners!

Outdoor Learning

The children are also taking part in outdoor learning activities to develop the following qualities: 
· Enjoyment of learning and curiosity about the world

· Resilience and determination to keep trying

· The understanding that we learn from our mistakes

· The ability to reflect and self-assess

· Independence and responsibility for choosing next steps in learning

· Being part of a team

· The ability to communicate and explain effectively

Picture 1 Nursery working together to build a shelter for CJ
Picture 2 Developing their ideas using different equipment.
Picture 3 Realising their idea did not work and adapting it.
Picture 4 Building a floor for CJ to sit on.
Picture 5 Working together to build a roof to shelter CJ.
Picture 6 Reception children planning a shelter for CJ.
Picture 7 Trying out different ways to shelter CJ.
Picture 8 Adapting their idea and to build a waterproof tent
Picture 1 Working as a team to build a shelter
Picture 2 Some more team work
Picture 3 Trying out different ideas
Picture 4 Talking about different ideas and working together
Picture 1 Working as a team and listening to each other.
Picture 2 Creating an interesting shelter together.
Year 2 
Picture 1 Using maths to count how many balls were collected
Picture 2 Working as a team to collect the balls.
Picture 3 Helping out those who are blindfolded.
Picture 4 Use communication skills to guide each other.
Picture 5 Team work to help their partners move along safely
Picture 6 Being kind and caring to others to help them.

Our Football Team 

Shaw vs Benyon

On Wednesday 16th October we played our first league match of the season against Benyon. The game was very close in the first half as we took the lead but Benyon scored 3 to make it 2-3 at half time. The second half saw us take control of the game with some great passing and defending even though Benyon gave it their all. We won 8-4 with goals from Bobby, Billy, Sidney and Nikita. Well done to both teams who were fantastic and represented their schools impeccably.      

Shaw vs St. Thomas 

Today we played a cup match against St. Thomas of Canterbury Primary School. This was a very tough match against a strong team. In the first half we did not play to our best and went down 5-0 by half time. After the break we came back stronger and improved our defending. We improved our passing and worked together. We lost the match but will learn from this and keep going! Well done to all who took part.  


Kenningtons Vs Shaw 

This week we played our first away match at Kenningtons. During the match we were organised and worked as a team just like we have been practicing in training. We created some good shooting opportunities during the match and passed the ball well. Unfortunately we did not come away with a win but have shown vast improvements this week and we will continue to work hard. Well done to everyone who played and thank you to those who came to support.  


Picture 1

PE Events


On Tuesday 8th October 2019 Carl from Kidz Fit came into school to provide us with an interactive workshop all about health, fitness and exercise and how important these things are in our lives. The children took part in physical activities to raise their heart rates such as hula hooping, dancing and catching and discussed the effect these things had on thier bodies.     


Picture 1 Hula Hooping in Year 1.
Picture 2 Year 1 following the dance moves.
Picture 3 Year 1 jumping competition.
Picture 4 Year 2's Jumping over a small obstacle.
Picture 5 Measuring strength in Year 2.
Picture 6 Learning about the importance of being healthy.
Picture 7 Hula Hooping in Year 3.
Picture 8 Hula Hooping competition in Year 3.
Picture 9 Year 4 concentrating and following actions.
Picture 10 Year 5 getting their heart rates up.
Picture 11 Testing how strong our Year 5's are.
Picture 12 Year 5 jumping competition.

Concentrating on catching!

Still image for this video

Getting our bodies moving and heart rates up!

Still image for this video

Sports Clubs

This term we have lots of morning and after school sports clubs on offer. We have clubs run by teachers and outside sports coaches. 


Morning Clubs: 

  • Monday - Key Stage 1 Football 
  • Tuesday - Key Stage 2 Running 
  • Wednesday - Key Stage 2 Boxercise
  • Thursday - Key stage 2 Indoor Multisports Club 
  • Friday - Key stage 1 Dance  


After school Clubs 

  • Monday - Karate with a Karate Coach, Key Stage 1 Football with West Ham Coaches and Key Stage 2 Basketball. 
  • Tuesday - Keep Fit, Yoga, Go Noodle and Key Stage 2 Football. 
  • Wednesday -  Street Dance with Street Vibes dance club.
  • Thursday - Dodgeball.
  • Friday - Year 3 and 4 football with West Ham, Gymnastics with professional coaches and Key Stage 1 ball games. 




Karate Club 
Picture 1 Getting prepared to start Karate
Picture 2 Practicing kicks
Picture 3 using balance when kicking
Picture 4 Making sure we kick safely
Picture 5 Working as a pair to practice kicks
Picture 6 Demonstrating different moves
Picture 7 Demonstrating different moves
Picture 8 Demonstrating different skills
Picture 1 Skipping to develop fitness.
Picture 2 Agility and catching skills practice.
Picture 3 Practicing our new skills in boxing.
Picture 4 Team work, fun and exercise!
Basketball Club 
Picture 1 Shooting practice in Basketball club.
Picture 2 Defending in Basketball.
Picture 3 Small sided matches in Basketball Club.
Picture 4 Developing team work in Basketball.
Running Club 
Picture 1 Warming up as a team.
Picture 2 Working on our stamina.
Picture 3 Practicing our long distance running skills.
Picture 4 Lenny leading the cool down.
Dodgeball Club
Picture 1 Practicing aiming
Picture 2 Taking part in a Dodgeball match
Dance Club
Picture 1 Following the moves.
Picture 2 Creating our own dances.