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Wow it's the Summer Term already. This year is flying past quickly. 


Our topic is the Tudors, it's very exciting learning about the Kings and Queens. The boys especially enjoyed learning about the battle of Bosworth and how Henry viii got rid of his wives. We will cover many aspects of Tudor life including clothing, food, jobs and finally exploration. We are also linking PE into the topic by learning some Tudor dances. 



In science we are hoping for lots of sunshine (and a little rain) as we investigate and grow plants. We just about managed to change white flowers into pinks ones.

A school Trip


As part of our learning about Tudor times we were lucky enough to visit Hever Castle. This was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, Henry's second wife.  Henry had noticed Anne at court and took the whole court to visit Hever Castle so he could 'woo' her. Anne agreed to marry him and the rest is history.


The children arrived at the castle on a lovely warm day, so we took advantage of the weather to investigate the beautiful gardens and grounds. We saw the moat, which contained enormous fish and the large lake. Hever castle has two mazes, but they were not there in Tudor times. However the Italian garden contained the long walk. We imagined Henry and Anne walking through the ancient Roman artefacts, laughing and enjoying each others company.


Finally it was our turn to look inside the castle. Whilst we were waiting for our audio equipment Anne Boleyn, herself, came out of the castle and enjoyed the sunshine. Some of us were lucky enough to have a photograph with her. The inside of the castle was amazing, some of it was maintained in Tudor style whilst other parts were more modern as a family had lived there in the twentieth century. We saw Anne and Mary Boleyn's headboard and the bed Henry had slept in when he stayed at the castle. Lots of Tudor roses were hidden about all of the rooms, and there were books which were older than Tudor times.


We had a great day and this visit really brought our Tudor learning to life!

Our visit to Hever Castle

Some pictures of our learning so far this half term.

Playing the Recordera

Still image for this video
Here are the talented musicians playing the recorder to accompany their song from this term. They are hoping to add the other musical skills and perform this live in assembly. Many thanks Mrs O'Regan for sharing your musical skills and patience.

Maths Invstigations

In ICT we are learning to become network engineers. We know about networks and can open a command window,


We were lucky enough to work with a Volcanologist and a seismologist.  She took us on a journey through a volcano and we acted out the effects of an earthquake.

World Book Week


The children ha a brilliant week: watching plays; working with an author who's books they had shared; listening to stories and reading with reception children. Well done to Rachel, Toby, Elouise and Natalie for winning their heat of the poetry competition. I am you will wish them luck in the area heat. 

During the Spring term the children have been working hard on their new geography topic - Mountains and Rivers. They have learned how the structure of the Earth leads to mountains being formed. They have investigated Earthquakes and even made their own Seismographs to 'measure' their earthquakes. The lessons on shaping valleys and the features of mountains were well received and lead to them asking many questions about different time periods in the world's history. They especially enjoyed learning about volcanoes and watching video footage of erupting volcanoes in Hawaii. In the second half of the term they have moved their learning on to rivers, which I am sure they will enjoy just as much. 




One of our favorite lessons is PE - especially PE.
As always reading is an important part of the school day. The children enjoy many different books from adventure stories to fairy tales. The boys in the class particularly enjoy reading and finding out new facts and information. A regular choice of book is the dictionary. An unusual choice, but it leads to them sharing books, facts and knowledge; firmly cementing their interest and participation. The forth coming poetry competition has encourage the use of drama and expression. 
The Children enjoy working together as a team. 

Welcome to Class 3C's page.


This term we are learning about the Victorian era. We will investigate the timeline of the Victorian era; the royal family, childhood, inventions and how the Victorians celebrated Christmas. Linked to this topic, the children will be learning about Victorian artists, learning their drawing techniques and copying their style of paintings. Also, in literacy we will be studying A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist. 

Our Science topic is 'Forces'. the children have looked at how to make things move. They have made windmills to test air resistance and are now very great fun investigating magnets. 

Investigating the strength of magnets

For Your Information


PE - inside on Mondays (shirts and a t-shirt)

PE - outside on Thurdays (warm jogging bottoms, t-shirts, trainers)



Literacy - set on Monday, in on Thursday.

Maths - set o Tuesday, in on Friday.