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For the first half of the Autumn term our topic is 'All about me' and we will be talking about and have lots of activities about our families and pets, houses and homes and learning our body parts through a variety of songs, rhymes and stories. We will be learning about shapes and numbers and have lots of fun activities planned to do this! 

Nursery Activity Packs will shortly be given out after they have been newly replenished. Please take care of the resources in the packs and let us know in your 'home school record' if you enjoyed the activities with your child. We can always give you the same activity pack again or one with your favourite activities in!


The  second part of the half term our topic 'in the woods' will allow us to investigate the seasons through lots of fun creative activities! The Autumn is fast approaching and lots of things are growing in the trees! If you find any conkers , acorns or anything else interesting for our Autumn  display, please bring it in to show us! Please remember to bring in any donations for the harvest festival this year - details will be given on a letter and can also be found on our website. The weather is getting colder so please remember to bring in jumpers, coats, scarves and gloves and also Wellie boots! Our outside area is used everyday and it does get quite wet!




The children have settled well into Nursery for the beginning of the Autumn term. They have been learning about themselves and others including body part names, facial features and senses. We enjoyed reading the 'Funnybones' stories by Janet & Allan Alberg.

We have also talked about our likes and dislikes and things we can do. Lots of the children were keen to show the things they could do such as  putting their coat on independently. Well done Children!

They have also been practicing their handwriting skills and pencil grips. Wednesday is our handwriting day and each week we learn a new letter and practice handwriting patterns.

For circle time we have talked about what jobs the children might like when they are older and the various people that can help us in the community. They enjoyed dressing up as police,chef's, doctors and fire fighters in the role play corner!

In maths we sang number songs and used props to help us sing '5 little speckled frogs' '5 currant buns' and '10 in the bed'. We also made some shape pictures and found shapes in the classroom!

Nursery Routines

At the beginning of every Nursery session we gather together to sing and start the day. There are various song that we sing, including 'The Hello Song' 'The good morning song' 'The weather song' and 'The days of the week song'. Some videos of the children singing and doing the actions to these songs will be added shortly!


Autumn 2

The beginning of this half term was spent talking about lots of festivals and celebrations that were happening at this time. We talked about and watched the story of Diwali, the festival of lights. We then made our own Diwa lamps using salt dough and decorated them with sequins,paint and glitter to make them sparkle! We had lots of funn getting messy!

Ramayana : Story of Diwali | Mocomi Kids

Diwali is a festival of joy and prosperity, and a celebration of the victory of good over evil. This is the story that the children watched to develop their understanding of it.

We also made some rangoli patterns, inside using lentils,rice,pease and herbs and outside using pattern templates and lots of coloured powder paint!

This half term we have been reading lots of fantastic stories as part of our topic ' In the woods', there are some video links of some of them below;

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

http://www.jointhebearhunt.com For a quarter of a century, readers have been swishy-swashying and splash-sploshing through the award-winning favourite picture book We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury In this video, Michael Rosen performs the book - why not sing along with your copy at home!

The Gruffalo - Narrated by Ollie Heath

Experience the story of the Gruffalo like never before. Ollie's music and rhythmic story telling will be sure to get your children feeling more upbeat about books.

Christmas 2017

The children have been helping to get our Nursery ready for Christmas! They have been decorating our Christmas tree and enjoyed singing Christmas songs while they did!

On Tuesday 6th December, the Nursery children took part in their Christmas performance of 'The Nativity'. Each of the children played a special part and joined in singing the songs that we had been learning for the few weeks prior to this. All of the children did a fantastic job! Well done Nursery!

The Nursery children had a surprise visit from Santa! The children enjoyed talking to him about the gifts they asked for and he gave them all some sweets! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE FROM SHAW ACADEMY NURSERY!

This half term, our topic in Nursery and Reception is ‘Toys’. We will be discussing old and new toys, our favourite toys, how toys work and lots of other interesting things! We will explore the topic in all of the areas of our classrooms and also during show and tell. The children will be encouraged for show and tell to bring in toys and tell us how they work, if they are new or old etc. There will be a parent stay & Play session this half term where you can see all of this lovely work! Look out for the date!


Some of the children investigating Old and new toys in Nursery

The children enjoyed learning about the celebrations and customs of Chinese new year. We watched a short clip of children celebrating chines new year with their family and learnt about their customs. The children really enjoyed watching the dancing dragons!


Chinese New Year - Dragon Dance @ Festival Walk - Kwok's Kung Fu & Dragon Lion Dance Team 郭氏功夫金龍醒獅團

The children enjoyed making their own dragons using different craft materials and also had the opportunity to make lucky red money envelopes and Chinese lanterns. Here are some of the children making their lanterns;

Chinese lantern craft activity and enjoying noodles for snack!

Photographs from the 'Stay & Play' session on Wednesday 8th February are up in Nursery for you to see if you so wish. They are also in your child learning journal.


Thank you for attending the session, the children had so much fun and love to have you their to see what they do at school! Dates for the next session will be planned soon



Spring 2

This half term, our topic in Nursery and Reception is ‘Superheroes’. We will be discussing superheroes and their powers and linking the idea of the help they give to people who help in the community. We will also be doing lots of fun superhero themed creative activities. This term we are lucky to have lots of special things to celebrate in school. Pancake day, Book week, Mothers day and Easter to name a few!

We are currently reading the 'Supertato' stories by Sue Hendra and his quest to capture the evil pea!

Pancake day.

In Nursery for pancake day we played lots of pancake themed games. We had pancake races, balancing pancakes on our heads, flipped pancakes with frying pans, played pancake drop and lots of other fun games!

Our snack was a delicious pancake, if we chose to have one, and we could top it with chocolate sauce or sugar and lemon! Mmm!

The children had to use a knife and fork to eat their pancake and practiced their cutting skills at the same time.

Here are some photos of the fun we had!

Book week

During book week, Nursery had a visit from an author, who read lost of his stories to them! they also had a story and activity session with Mrs Jenkins from Reception!

The author who visited was called Timothy Knapman and he read a stories that he had written called 'Soon' and 'Dinosaurs in the Supermarket'. the children really enjoyed listening to him read and loved the stories and talking about the pictures. Timothy Knapman has written many children's books, the one's read to us are pictured below although there a lost more available.

Stories read to Nursery by the author Timothy Knapman

Photos of World book day activities with Mrs Jenkins & author visit from Timothy Knapman

Science week Experiements in Nursery (W/B 13th March) - Paper towel colour mixing and rainbow colour mixing!

Summer term - first half

This term our topic has been 'on the farm' and we have been talking about caring for the environment, animals and for ourselves. Because of the lovely weather, we have had lots of opportunities for outdoor learning and have also read lots of well known and loved stories. Pictured below are a few of the stories that we love to read and some of the activities we have had in Nursery.

Nursery Gardening Day 2017

Nursery's Fun day on the bouncy castles & with the Bubble Wizard!