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Our Topic

In Nursery our topic for Summer is ‘Minibeasts’. We will start this term with a Minibeast hunt! Through play and discussions, we will be finding out about Being an Entomologist, The Season -Summer, Protection & camouflage, Minibeasts workers and Life Cycles.


In Class we will be sharing a few stories by Eric Carle.

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • The Bad-Tempered Ladybird
  •  The Very Busy Spider


  • Aaaarrgghh, Spider! by Lydia Monks
  •  The Very Greedy Bee by Steve Smallma

Can you name any of the Minibeasts?


J&C Party Pets visited Nursery

23rd June 2021

You can visit the Petting Zoo at Maldon Promenade.

Nursery had a fantastic time.

Thank you.

Nursery Sports day 8th July 2021 We had great fun today in Nursery taking part in all of our sports day races and cheering on our friends!

We all took part in the bean bag race, egg and spoon race, hula hoop race and the sack race. Pictures above are AM Nursery and below PM Nursery

What is phonics? Read Write Inc

Phonics is a method of teaching reading by matching sounds to letters and groups of letters. In Nursery we start to teach the first set of sounds to your child, which is kept very simple.

5th July 

We are learning the sound - c

12th July

We are learning the sound -k


A few reminders -

  • Remember a sun hat on sunny days and ensure your child has sun cream applied.
  • Wellington boots need to be labelled. (We may get a chance to splash in puddles)
  • Label all uniform with your child's name.
  • Return WOW achievement certificates completed.
  • Return 'All about me' forms completed.
  • Your child can bring a drinking bottle with water each day (no juice), which needs to be labelled with your child’s name.
  • Return Activity packs on a Tuesday. These will then be given on a Friday to go home. Please speak to a member of staff regarding Book bags.

Thank you 

Mrs Conlan and Mrs Westgate

Our Topic

In Nursery our topic for Spring is ‘Dinosaurs’. Children will have the opportunity to find out about Dinosaurs, their habitats and growing Dinosaurs. We will be creating our own habitats in the construction area with our friends, taking turns and sharing our ideas working together. What size is a Dinosaur? We will be making comparisons between dinosaurs relating to size and length. I wonder will a Dinosaur visit Nursery.

Our focus book in Class is – ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’.

“Harry finds some dusty plastic dinosaurs in Nan's attic. He cleans them, finds out their names and takes them everywhere - until, one day, the dinosaurs get lost! The lost property man gets a surprise when Harry proves dinosaurs are his by calling them over to him.”

Science Week 8th March – 12th March

Spring Week 15th March – 19th March

Easter Week 22nd March – 26th March

Comic Relief - Superhero Day!


On Friday 19th March, to raise money for comic relief the children in Nursery dressed up as superheroes! All of the children had so much fun in school telling us about which superhero they were and their super powers! They also enjoyed lots of superhero activities such as, colouring, mask making and a super hero obstacle course outside!


Nursery's Superhero costumes - Which superheros can you spot!

We are Dinosaur Explorers!

Europe Day 4th May 


Today in Nursery we looked at a Map of Europe with Flags.

We painted coloured flags, listened to music and moved in a range of ways to the music.

We also learnt how to say "Hello" in Albanian, Romanian and Lithuanian.



Useful websites

Fun learning ideas and eBook library - https://homeoxfordowl.co.uk/help-child-learn-age3-4/

BBC Bitesize - Home - BBC Bitesize

CBeebies - Games for kids and early years activities - CBeebies - BBC






In Nursery our topic for Autumn is 'All about me.' This topic is a great opportunity to find out about your child/children. Through play and discussions, we will be finding out about our family, pets, favourite toys, likes and dislikes.

Our focus book in Class is - 'Titch'

"Titch is the youngest and smallest in his family. His brother Pete and his sister Mary have bigger bikes, kites that fly higher, and instruments that make bigger noises. But when Titch plants a tiny seed, they all find that starting off small is just the first stage of growing."

In Nursery we enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities.

National Poetry Day - 1st October 

For National Poetry Day Nursery shared an Autumn Poem.


Autumn leaves are falling down,

twirling, whirling to the ground.

Red and yellow, gold and brown,

floating softly to the ground.

Autumn leaves are falling down,

twirling, whirling to the ground.







In Nursery we have introduced a 'Curiosity Cube' Our Curiosity Cube is based on Autumn. A Curiosity Cube is a great way to promote curiosity, communication, investigation and discussion.

Have you been on an Autumn walk?

                        What changes have you noticed?


Minibeast Hunt

We liked going on a 'Mini Beast' hunt in our garden. We found ants and worms. 

Physical Development

In PE we have been finding different ways to move our bodies. We used ribbons as we moved in a range of ways, pretending to be a firework. The children moved to sounds such as - fizz, pop, bang and boom.

Remembrance Day

We wear a Poppy as a symbol of Remembrance.

Today we will watch this short animation.



Festival of Lights

We made Diya lamps in Nursery with salt dough.

Christmas Jumper Day

National Storytelling Week (1st-5th Feb)


              What is your favourite story?                Can you act out a story with your family?

                                                  Storyteller videos