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Welcome back everyone.

Year 5 have started the new year learning about poetry.

We read poems by Rachel Rooney and then wrote our own.

Here are some of our poems.



Facts about Rain

He'll drown your window with his force of soldiers,

Clashing against it one by one.

You'll go outside to see him making a pond in your wellies,

Soaking your socks to the point where they fall off.


He'll give you a free non- heated shower,

With the cold air to dry you,

Making you feel like your fingers are going to fall off.

He might perhaps give you the flu.

His tears could soak your drawings,

Soak them, rip them and even smudge them.

He'd come out with his best friend....wind,

Our least favourite but favourite in the Summer.


He'll give you a new hairstyle,

making it look stringy like spaghetti,

And make it look darker like a burnt piece of toast.


If you add him to the sun, his nemesis,

He'd finally do something good 

and create a beautiful rainbow!

Sadly, he also has his bad days when he decides to slip into thunder clouds

The Language of Dog


teach me the language of Dog;

the gentle loving look in those puppy eyes

a thunderous bark and innocent whimper,

nose on the ground.


Teach my ears the way to listen

to words that I know and the distant shake

of treats that will soon be eaten.


Teach me that rolling trick

where dents appear in cushions

and I'm still close by.


Don't teach me Cat,

the diabolical hire- wire trip along fences,

the walk with a saunter,

the slow- motion blink and that tight lipped purr

No, not that, teach me the language of Dog

Six facts about electricity

At dawn, she screeches deafeningly,

to usher you out of bed

and savagely smashes onto your pillow.


You might meet her at a power station

being born

or waiting to be used from a battery.


Her touch could scorch your home

set light to the sky

burn unlucky folk


Sometimes, at Christmas

she'll reveal the sparkles 

on her pine- scented festive green dress.


She dashes from house to house

and immediately turns on your TV

before you have said the word electricity!


On dark nights, in an empty house

the power has stopped, she is still there

waiting for the whistle o start the race.