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Welcome to Shaw Primary Academy


Welcome to Shaw Primary School where we work hard every day to make sure the whole school community is ‘Safe’ and ‘Happy’ whilst  ‘Aiming High’ and ‘Working Together’. 


At Shaw we believe that all children should be given the opportunity to achieve their very best and play an active part in their learning.  We are committed to a curriculum that is creative, relevant and enjoyable so that learning becomes a life skill that allows all children to become valued and active members of their community. 


We believe that effective communication between home and school is vital in ensuring the best possible outcomes for children and we welcome input and questions regarding your children’s education and experiences during their time at Shaw.


OFSTED say:  “This is a good school. There is high morale amongst staff and pupils are proud to belong to the school community”, they point out that:  “Behaviour is good in lessons, pupils are co-operative and there is a busy harmonious ethos throughout the school”.  


We believe that these comments are a reflection of our commitment to provide opportunities for every child to experience success.  We value all children’s achievement and celebrate excellence in academics, creativity, the arts, sports and personal development.


At Shaw we are all very proud to belong to our school family and we are incredibly excited about continuing to work together to achieve even more in the coming years!


Ms D Copping