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Welcome to 5B.
This half term our learning focus has been on mountains, rivers and volcanoes. The children have enjoyed cross-curricular learning for this topic, especially creating their own representations  of the Earth's structure using different materials.
For outdoor P.E this half term, our class have really loved learning how to play American Football. Coach Kenny has been teaching them all the techniques and rules they need in order to play a non-contact version of the game. 
With the fifth annual Poetry Performance Competition taking place at the Civic Hall on Wednesday 18th March, the students have been working hard on their performances, hoping to be given chance to compete. 

Welcome to 5B


So far this term, we have been very busy learning all about the Victorians. We have learned what it was like for poor children during these times and how they would have had to go to work under dangerous conditions. We didn't agree with this, so we held a court case and let the Jury make their decision..........




There was some heckling from the gallery at the factory owners, they disagreed with children working for them...........



The Jury decided that they didn't agree with children working in the factories!




This week in Music we have been learning to strum different chords on the guitar.......