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Welcome to the Nursery class page, here you will be able to see some of the activities we have done and also find out what we are learning about!


Autumn First Half Term

This half term we have been learning about ourselves and talking about our families. We have also talked about our bodies and our senses. We drew around our bodies to label our body parts, ready stores like 'Funnybones' and sang lots of action songs like 'heads, shoulders, knees & toes'!

We also talked about Autumn and what happens to the trees and leaves in Autumn too. We had lots of fun doing bark rubbings and making pictures with the leaves and conkers we found!

We drew around our bodies and talked aboutour body parts.

The Children enjoyed looking at all of the things we had found in our Autumn tray!

We decided to make a class scarecrow, to scare away the birds from the things we have planted on the track in our garden. We worked together to stuff the scarecrow with paper and straw. He is wearing our school uniform, doesn't he look smart!

We wanted to name him Cyril the scarecrow! Come and see Cyril next time you are in our playground!

Meet Cyril the Scarecrow! We worked together to make all of his parts. You will find him in the garden next to the track in the early years playground.


During the second half of the Autumn term we did some fun activities in preparation for Christmas.

We talked about what we would like for Christmas and then looked through catalogues and magazines to find things. This helped us with our cutting skills too!

We enjoyed listening to lots of Christmas stories during carpet time about Father Christmas and his reindeers such as 'Oh dear Santa!' and 'A letter to Santa'. We decided to make the reindeers some food to eat when they visit our houses on Christmas eve, we had lots of fun choosing what to put in!
We had lots of things to choose for their reindeers including sparkly glitter (so the reindeers could see our house from the sky), their favourite porridge oats and also some flying powder!
We also enjoyed making a treat for ourselves of iced gingerbread men! we iced the biscuits and then chose the toppings we liked. It was very important that we washed our hands before and after we did this activity. This gave us a chance to sing our 'wash your hands song' - here are the words if you want to sing at home!

'Wash your hands song'

(to the tune of row, row your boat)

Wash, wash, wash your hands

wash them nice and clean,

was the bottom and the top and fingers inbetween!'

The afternoon Nursery children were lucky enough to get a visit from Father Christmas himself!

Here are the pictures of the children choosing their gift and posing for a photograph.

Spring Term first half

The first half of the spring term has been action packed! Our topic for this half term has been 'Transport' and we have talked about different types of vehicles you might see on land, in the air and in water. We even talked about vehicles used to get to outer space! We read the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy and then, for story telling week,  we retold the story together using role play. We had lots of fun dressing up as the characters!

Here are some pictures of us acting out the story....

Pancake day!

For snack on pancake day, we had pancakes and were able to choose a topping to go on top! We could choose, chocolate spread, jam, syrup, strawberries or sprinkles Mmmm! The favourite topping that was chosen was chocolate spread, Miss Tilley nearly a out of it!

We used a knife and fork to eat our pancakes which gave us the chance to practice using them and to develop our fine motor skills.

On Friday the 12th February the Nursery and both Reception classes held an stay and play session for parents who were invited to share some of our learning with us. We shared some activities with them and we also shared our learning journals. Here are some pictures of our morning and afternoon stay and play session in Nursery.

Parent Stay & Play Session (12th February)

Spring Term second half

This half term our topic is 'People who help us' and in Nursery we have used 'Paw Patrol' characters to help us learn about some of the people that can help.

We began our topic work by looking through a doctors bag and talking about all of the things they might use and what they were called. We enjoyed using them ourselves in our pretend play in our role play hospital. We talked about the clothing worn by fire fighters and police officers and the special colours and materials they had to be. In the creative area we used our hands and fingers to print, just like police officers do! We also used paper plates to design and make our own fire fighter helmets! We also enjoyed using ICT to help us with our understanding of what rubbish collectors do, we used the 2Simple programme to sort rubbish at a recycling centre and find out what happens to it after. It was helpful to know this when we collect rubbish outside for our safety check!


Singing time included lots of songs about people who help us like 'Miss Polly had a dolly' 'London's burning' '5 little monkeys'  and we also enjoyed reading stories like 'The Jolly Postman' too.  During World book week, we visited the school library and we all used our own 'class library card' to choose a book from the library to take back to class. We spent ages reading and sharing them together! Our reading corner became our own class library and we were able to be librarians and scan and take books to read. All of the activities here can be seen in the photos below, please take a look!


We were very lucky in Nursery to have a visit from the author Denis Bond, who came to read us one of his stories.

For World book day, we all came to Nursery dressed as our favourite characters, here are some of the pictures.....

Summer Term


This term our topic has been 'Once Upon a time', we have read lots of different traditional tales such as the three bears, the little red hen and the magic porridge pot.

Each week we had a different story and we did lots of different activities about each one. At the end, we made a display of all of our work. Here are the pictures of our activities and our display.

Parents Stay & Play session Summer1s

On 29th the children shared their learning journals with their parents and took part in some activities with them too. Here are some photos of the afternoon..

Maths Activities

This half term we have had lots of maths activities from making cakes to measuring our teachers!

Here are some photos of us doing the activities..

Nursery Sports Day

On Thursday 7th July the Nursery had their sports day in the infant hall. The children's families came to watch them take  part in the egg and spoon race, balancing the quoit on the head race,  the obstacle race and many more! At the end of all the races the parents had their chance to have a go at the obstacle race, it was lots of fun cheering and clapping them on!

We had lots of fun on our sports day and the children received medals and a certificate for taking part! The parents got a certificate for their race too! Lots of fun was had by all!