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Our topic this term is: 

Our Local Area

We will be learning about 'South Ockendon', going on local walks, making maps in Geography, making houses and buildings in D&T, writing letters to the Local Authority in Literacy and planting seeds in science. 

Just some things to remember:


Show and Tell - every Wednesday

P.E - every Monday and Friday

Please bring your child's book bag to school every day.

Thank you to everyone that came to see our class assembly today and stayed for snacks and to help make mini-beast pictures. I am so proud of them, they were all amazing today!



It's a beautiful day!

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Thank you for coming to our class assembly!

Our amazing reading area! Fall into an amazing book this summer term!

We are voting today too!

Update 2... I'm in my cocoon!


We have a new member of the class today!

We chose her name out of a hat and we chose: Charlotte (after the Royal Princess)


This week is 'National Book Week'! 

Monday - We are watching a west end performance about two school children that run into some aliens collecting fiction books for their planet. We will be joining in with some of the songs. 

Tuesday - We will be visiting the library in the morning for story time and to look at some of the books. In the afternoon, we will be visited by a real author to complete a workshop then he will be available after school to purchase the books he has written and get them signed. 

Wednesday - Bring in your favourite book for show and tell. 

Thursday - We are dressing up as our favourite book character. A year 4 teacher will be visiting our class to read us a story. 

Friday - We will be visiting space as the science space dome comes to KS1 in the morning. Very exciting! Finally, we will be reading our stories to a partner from a different class in reading buddies afternoon. 


A very busy week! 

2D visit the library ...

Welcome to Spring Term 2! We are going to be learning about the first person to land on the moon this term which is very exciting. We will be watching video clips of the moon landing, writing a report pretending that we are the first on the moon, and creating some art work with the moon as our inspiration. 


During the second half of the term we have 'National Book Week' and 'Science Week' - Details to follow soon! 


Have an amazing second half term! 

Learning a story...

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Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely rest and a Happy New Year!


We have started the new year off with a bang and have already started learning about 'The Great Fire of London'. 


This first half term we will be learning all about 'The Great Fire of London' and have already thought of some questions we would like answered. Miss Douglas came in to help us with an amazing display to help us with our learning. 


Let us know if you have done any research and home and bring it in to share at 'Show and Tell' on a Wednesday afternoon. 


The homework this term also relates to our topic and will be going home with the children this first week. 

It's our religion week! 2D have been learning about Sikhism. Photos will follow...

Bangoli Dancing in PE

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Bangoli Dancing in PE

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents and visitors that came to see in class assembly on the last day of the half term. It was a great success and everyone enjoyed it. If you missed the opportunity to come to the assembly, just pop into the cabin as I have a recorded version to show you!

Welcome to Class 2D


Our topic this term is 'Passport to the World' and we will be learning about various places around the world and locating them on the map. We have many fun activities planned and lots of learning to do.


Week 1-2 Spain - We will be turning the classroom into a plane and flying over the oceans looking at Arial views of Spain. Before visiting different stations in Spain. Bull fighting, making juice by squashing real fruit, making brochures, and locating Spain on the map. In week 2 we are writing postcards about all the things we've seen in Spain.


Week 2-3 China - We will be again turning the classroom into a plane and flying over to China this time. We will be looking at the giant panda's and making a fact file about them. We will be building the great China wall made from boxes (any boxes donations would be appreciated!) We will also be making terracotta warriors made from clay and locating China on the map. 



Class 2D won the attendance trophy AGAIN this week!

That is the third week in a row!!


We enjoyed more golden time, sweets and stickers to celebrate our success. 

Spain Week


We are pleased to announce we won the attendance class of the week twice in a row! 😊 Well done class 2D!!

Miss Douglas's visit to year 2