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Here they are having some well-earned fun making Tudor Houses.

Year 6 have been completing independent projects about animals and their habitats. This has helped them relax during mock SATs week and the real SATs week.

6B have enjoyed investigating which substances dissolve or separate. Here they are being scientists.



What a fantastic science week we have had so far.


Yesterday we enjoyed a science rotation afternoon. The children had the opportunity to try out some exciting experiments. This is 6B making lava using: vegetable oil, water, salt and red food colouring for effect.

The children have been busy in their PE lessons as usual. Not only have they had the opportunity to improve their American football skills, but they have also had to work as a team to guide their group across an obstacle course, blind folded. 
In design and technology we identified the differences between fruits and vegetables. We also had the opportunity to look at and taste exotic fruits such as passion fruit.
Our topic for this term is about mountains, rivers and volcanoes. KS2 made their own seismographs then created an earthquake to measure. This was very noisy but great fun. 
This term year 6 have been learning about forces in science. This week we looked at examples of upthrust and used force meters to carry out an investigation to see whether objects weighed more in the air or in water. 
Today 6B went on our road safety walk. We were taught how to cross the road safely and then we did several surveys. One of the surveys was to check the speed of some of the vehicles along Daiglen Drive. It was great fun!
This week 6B have been learning about electric circuits. He we are making and evaluating our own circuits.
In our history lesson this week, the children acted out a Victorian court room drama fighting for the rights of children working in factories. The children were so creative and but very opinionated.


Still image for this video
This week in science, we did an investigation on filtration. We had a competition on who could make the best 'Ray Mears' style filter. 
Here is Elizabeth showing off her drumming skills with Jeff Rich from Status Quo.
6B completed their own landscape style art work based on the work of John Constable.
KS2 have been learning the story of Oliver.