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We believe that children need to develop a range of knowledge and skills in order to achieve their best and to be prepared for their future lives. We want to equip them with the ‘essentials’ and the ability to adapt and learn new things as the world around them changes and new opportunities present themselves. Our curriculum is broad and engaging to provoke interest and aspiration for the children in our community.

We use a wide range of resources and strategies to help deliver our curriculum intention.  Children are regularly involved in the planning process by assessing and sharing what they already know and what they want and need to know.  Teachers work together in teams to share ideas, good practice and subject knowledge, and all teachers work together to plan, evaluate and monitor whole school development. Learning support assistants have regular training and updates and their contribution to lessons is valued and effective.   



We see good outcomes for our children in terms of assessment data and the work they produce. 

We are also seeing increased levels of confidence and understanding about their own learning. They are more able to make decisions, adapt to situations and apply their thinking. They have an increasing knowledge of the diversity in their school community and show interest, and a growing understanding of different backgrounds and lifestyles. They have attributes that will help prepare them for an exciting and unknown future, values that will enable them to engage with people from a range of backgrounds and aspirations for a good and productive life.

As parents are aware, we are currently updating our rolling programmes to include new topics where necessary.  If you would like some more information about our current curriculum areas of study please see your termly welcome letter or make an appointment to see your child's Class Teacher using an orange slip at reception.  You may also want to look at our curriculum policy that outlines the practice we apply across all subjects.