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In Nursery our topic for Autumn is 'All about me.' This topic is a great opportunity to find out about your child/children. Through play and discussions, we will be finding out about our family, pets, favourite toys, likes and dislikes.

Our focus book in Class is - 'Titch'

"Titch is the youngest and smallest in his family. His brother Pete and his sister Mary have bigger bikes, kites that fly higher, and instruments that make bigger noises. But when Titch plants a tiny seed, they all find that starting off small is just the first stage of growing."

A few reminders -

  • Wellington boots need to be labelled. (We may get a chance to splash in puddles)
  • Label all uniform with your child's name.
  • Return WOW achievement certificates completed.
  • Return 'All about me' forms completed.
  • Your child can bring a drinking bottle with water each day, which needs to be labelled with your child’s name.
  • Return Activity packs on a Wednesday. These will then be given on a Friday to go home. Please speak to a member of staff regarding Book bags.

Thank you 

Mrs Conlan