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While we are away from school, I will be putting some bits and pieces on here. 

Feel free to share any amazing learning that you have been doing at home via the email:


Any work received will be put here, on the page, for everyone to see!

Don't forget I will be calling your grown ups to see how you are getting on and check out the TTR tournament!!


Looking forward to seeing you next Monday (30th November)!!


Welcome to Year 6!!

This term our topic is: Africa!! We have already been looking at Africa on various maps to look at the many countries and climates. We have found the countries that the families in our class come from.


In science, we are learning about the circulatory system and the parts within it. We have researched the heart (and its function) and the blood vessels.


In Maths we are focusing on number at the minute in our maths sets. We have spent a lot of time checking our understanding of addition and subtraction before moving onto multiplication and division.


In English we have been looking at adventure stories, which led to us writing our own stories. Now we have moved onto biographies and autobiographies.